Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Eve according to Max...

The Mall was crowded. (Very crowded.)

Max and Daisy were SO excited by the Christmas decorations, I thought they might BURST!

"It's Christmas!" says Max.

"Is chwigmaz!" says Daisy.

"Not yet," I say. (Hoping they would listen.)

(They don't.)

"We need to get home daddy before Father Christmas comes!" says Max

"Well, Max, it's not Christmas yet, so Santa's not coming tonight," I say.

"Why don't you tell Daisy about what happens on Christmas eve?" I say.

(I'm ready to hear about the reindeer, presents and the fireplace with milk and cookies.)

"Daisy, Father Christmas lives in a gingerbread house in Laughland," says Max.

"You mean, Lapland, Max," I say.

"No,! Laughland!" says a very certain Max.

"And, on Christmas eve, he wakes up and puts on his suit--a red suit like daddy's!" says Max

(For the record, I don't own a red suit.)

Elves and reindeer and...fairies live there, too!" says Max.

"and, when Father Christmas went down stairs in the morning, he found the elves in the sitting room."

"Did you know, Daisy, the elves are very naughty," whispers Max. (In a quite serious tone.)

"Yay!" says Daisy.

"Naughty?" I ask.

"Yes. They throw and break things in Father Christmas' house!" says Max.

"Really?" I say. "What did Father Christmas do?"

Max then said in his deepest voice "Don't break my things elves! Fairies, take them to the DUNGEON!".

"Oh dear," I say. ( Kinda wondering why Father Christmas would have a dungeon?)

"He didn't make them clean it up first?"

"No, daddy. The reindeer cleaned it up and then they put the toys, pumpkin..."

"and horse into the sleigh."

"Then, Father Christmas flew over some houses and dropped presents down the chimneys for children...BOOM!" says Max.  (Making some rather loud bomb noises.)

"BOO!" shouts Daisy.

"He didn't go inside?" I say. (Dreading what will come next!)

"No, because he had to go to his most favourite places!" says Max. "The zoo..."

"and dinosaur park!"

"Um, wouldn't the dinosaurs eat Father Christmas?" I say.


"Um no, because Father Christmas would call his fairies to take the dinosaurs away to the dungeon,"says Max.

"Then, Father Christmas goes home with the animals and dinosaurs."

 "Then, they have a big party with lots of cake and wine!"

"Isn't that just great, Daisy?"

"Yayyyyy!" cries Daisy.

We may have peaked too early....

(Update 2014)

 I got a book out now, too.

'The kite who was scared of heights'

Out NOW on fierce panda books...

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  1. That is extremely beautiful, thanks A and crew. Tx

  2. Dear Antonio/Max/Daisy,

    I just got this in the middle of writing a Principles of Reinsurance Exam - thanks for the unexpected smiles!

    Loads of love,


    Ps. Love the fairy foot sticking out of the dinosaur's mouth, and the shared questioning but accepting look between Santa and the horse in the sleigh - beautiful!!

  3. you drew all this?? how cool! very neat blog :)

  4. too cute!! :-) another hit!
    Merry Christmas to all the Papaleo's
    Love Hayley and Caleb x

  5. loving your illustrations and max's imagination
    sarah xx

  6. Great story and illustrations!i loved it!! And i am glad you do not own a red suit.
    Happy christmas!!

  7. I love the downcast dinasaurs on their way to the dungeon, with Father Christmas's beckoning finger! Great story. Keep Max talking and keep writing/illustrating!